ABS 6 KG / 9 KG / 12 KG ABC Fire Extinguisher (Cartridge)

Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

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Effective against class A fires involving ordinary combustible materials like wood, paper, cloth, furning, plastics, rubber, etc, usually of an organic nature, in which combustion normally takes places with the formation of glowing embers.

Effective against class B fires involving flammable liquids, solvents, oils, paints, thinner and liquifieable solids.

Instructions for use
1. Read instructions before using to ensure that you have selected the correct fire extinguisher for the fire you intend to fight.
2. Pull out safety pin.
3. Press knob.
4. Aim.
5. Squeeze pistol lever.
6. Sweep.

Model1416714194 14173
Extinguish Agent6 KG ABC9 KG ABC12 KG ABC
Test StandardEN3EN3EN3
Propellant150gCO2 Cart210g CO2 Cart210g CO2 Cart
Discharge Distance7M7M7M
App Discharge Time18 Sec20 Sec26 Sec
Body Diameter160mm190mm190mm
Approx Total Weight10.7 KG16 KG19 KG
Operate Temp-30°C to 60°C-30°C to 60°C-30°C to 60°C
Working Pressure13 Bar13 Bar13 Bar
Test Pressure26 Bar26 Bar26 Bar
Fire Rating34A 233B55A 233B 55A 233B