Hercules Fire Blanket

Hercules Fire Blanket is the premium #1 fire blanket in Singapore. It is capable of eliminating Class A and F fires (Up to 3L).

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A very versatile fire fighting equipment that does not require maintenance. Fire blankets can be used to cover fires or to safely escape.
Appropriate for kitchens, vehicles, schools, ships & warehouses.
IMPA 330950
Tested to 550°C

Sizing: 1.8M x 1.2M (6′ x 4′) , 1,8m x 1.8m (6′ x 6′), Extra Large to be used for welding blanket
Wall mountable

Compliant with British Standards EN 1869.

Under Singapore’s Safety, Health and Environment General Specifications,

Fire blankets shall be provided to contain sparks arising from welding and cutting operations.

Note: Due to the fire resistant fiber glass materials used to make a fire blanket, some people experience slight itchiness when using a fire blanket. Should this occur, wash skin with water and soap thoroughly after use. In most cases, the itch will subside within a day. If itchiness persists, immediately consult a doctor.


Design & Construction.

Fiber glass material is exactly how it sounds like – Threads of glass. Glass is heated to an ultra high temperature until it melts and forced into holes to form threads of glass. Depending on the material property required, it is then mixed with a variety of other raw materials.

Incredibly tough, it does not decompose and will never expire. Because of its high resistance to heat, it is often used to make fire blankets. The Hercules fire blanket has been tested to 550 degrees Celcius,

Being very light, it is also suitable to be placed in vehicles, forklifts, cars, buses and ships.

Fibreglass itself will not decompose easily which makes it virtually maintenance free.

Fibreglass Material Close Up



What type of fire can I use this fire blanket for?

Where possible, the source of fire must be turned off before attempting to cover the fire.

Class-A-Fire Class A 
Class A fires which are combustible materials such as wood, tires, furniture, plastics, etc.
Class-F-Fire Class F
Kitchen Fires involving cooking oil (Up to 3L)


What’s inside the box?

  • 1 x Fire Blanket
  • 1 x 5 Year Carry In Manufacturer’s Warranty

How to use a fire blanket on a kitchen fire

Before you use a fire blanket, always ensure you have an escape route. When in doubt, always choose to run.

Turn off the heat symbol 1. As early as possible, the electric or gas heat source must be turned off.
Pull the fire blanket 2. Remove fire blanket from cover and hold the edges of the fire blanket towards you so that your hands do not get burnt.
Cover the fire 3. Slowly cover the fire with the fire blanket. Do not throw the blanket!
Allow for cool down 4. Remove the fire blanket only when it is cool to touch. (Usually 20minutes+)

Do note that a fire blanket is a one use item even though it does not expire. Replace it immediately after use. Prematurely removing the fire blanket before it has cooled down sufficiently or not turning off the source of heat will cause the fire to reignite.



This product complies to the stringent BS EN 1869:1997 Fire Blanket Standards.

BS EN 1869:1997 Fire Blanket Standards test methods include:

  • Fire Performance Test (Kitchen Fire Test up to 3L)
  • Electrical Resistance

In commercial properties, a fire blanket does not replace the legal requirements for portable fire extinguishers. Fire blankets are meant to be a superior companion to fire extinguishers. For commercial kitchens, we recommend placing the Hercules 6L Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher. It has been tested for the toughest kitchen fires.



SizeMaterialDimensionsPart No
RegularFibreglass4ft x 6ft 120x180cmACC-JS-BLK64
LargeFibreglass6ft x 6ft 180x180cmACC-JS-BLK66
Extra LargeFibreglassASKACC-JS-BLKWELD

* Due to constant improvements, product specification may differ slightly.