Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers Singapore

Hercules Dry Powder Fire extinguisher Singapore use premium multi purpose dry chemical powder to break the chain reaction by smothering. In additional, it is capable of putting out Class A, Class B, Electrical and Gas fires. Without a doubt, the Hercules Dry powder Fire Extinguisher can be seen almost everywhere in Singapore. Do note that Dry powder, ABC Powder and Chemical Powder fire extinguishers are the same thing but different name.

With its high fire rating as compared to other extinguishing agents, the dry powder is used to fulfil most of the fire safety requirements set out in Singapore Standards 578.

The low hazard requirements of 13A and 34B can be fulfilled by Hercules 2KG Dry Powder fire extinguisher .
The medium hazard requirements of 21A and 70B Hercules 3KG Dry Powder fire extinguisher .
The high hazard requirements of 34A and 144B Hercules 6KG Dry Powder fire extinguisher .

In addition, other than the fire rating requirements, no person shall have to run more than 15m to reach a portable fire extinguisher. Finally, the fire extinguisher has to be placed in an area where it is unobstructed and easy to spot. For the most part, you can easily calculate how many fire extinguishers you need under Singapore Fire Code by using the calculator here. The interior designer or professional engineer that you have engaged will also be able to advise you further, especially, if you have special hazards or unusual architecture in your building.

Spare Parts

Equipped with a full range of spare parts, Fire Armour is capable of providing full support to repairing any fire extinguisher. As a matter of fact, Fire Armour can service and repair all brands of fire extinguishers. Above all, Fire Armour is a licensed workshop recognized by SCDF and inspected by PSB TUV SUD, Singapore. Rest assured, your expensive equipment are handled professionally and not outsourced to a third party.