Disposal Of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Armour is NEA Licensed to safely dispose fire extinguishers! Our license number is WDL-21-02-0001
Click to download a copy of our NEA licence certificate

Need to throw away or dispose old portable fire extinguishers? Every day, our production facilities allow us to safely dispose 200+ portable fire extinguishers. We have a perfect safety record in disposing fire extinguishers and we do so responsibly.

While the contents of a normal fire extinguisher are usually not hazardous, it is the residue balance pressure that is dangerous. As these are pressurized cylinders, they cannot be directly sold to scrap metal yards or the rag and tag man or “karang guni”. When improperly disposed off, a fire extinguisher that is in a poor condition is a dangerous object. It can seriously injure or killing untrained personnel.

If you require disposal services, kindly contact us for a quotation.