How fire kills

Almost all fire related deaths are usually from smoke inhalation not from direct burns.

Carbon Monoxide – The invisible danger

When a fire starts, oxygen is used and carbon monoxide is produced.

When to run from a fire

When it is no longer safe to fight a fire or when a fire has become uncontrollable, its time to run. At not point of time should your escape route be blocked.

Can an air fryer catch fire?

When an air fryer has not been cleaned for a long time, it traps a lot of oil and animal fats. This unintended source of fuel will automatically ignite when the air fryer is working.

Fire Extinguisher for kitchen fires

Where to Place Fire Extinguishers at Home

Wondering where to place fire extinguishers at home? Ideal locations include the kitchen followed by the bedroom, and then the main entrance – in the following priority.

Decided on getting a fire extinguisher to help protect your home from unexpected residential fires that have been all rage (pun not intended!) these days?

Service Fire Extinguishers Singapore

How to Inspect a Fire Extinguisher

Did you know inspecting a fire extinguisher is a mandatory process for commercial building owners but not homeowners? However, given that it’s an easy 5-minute job that anyone can do,