How to use a fire extinguisher to fight fires

Everybody knows about the PASS technique but most fire fighters who have fought a real fire will tell you that PASS is a very general guide. It is good because its an easy way to remember what to do but its not exactly the best method.

Can I use my fire extinguisher on an electric fire

Is it safe to use a fire extinguisher on an electric fire? Electric fires usually start from overloading, faulty circuits, worn outlets or electrical appliances. They can also start from prolonged usage of electric appliances beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fire Extinguisher for kitchen fires

Where to place fire extinguishers at home

Wondering where to place fire extinguishers at home? Ideal locations include the kitchen followed by the bedroom, and then the main entrance – in the following priority.

Decided on getting a fire extinguisher to help protect your home from unexpected residential fires that have been all rage (pun not intended!) these days?

Service Fire Extinguishers Singapore

How to inspect a fire extinguisher

Did you know inspecting a fire extinguisher is a mandatory process for commercial building owners but not homeowners? However, given that it’s an easy 5-minute job that anyone can do,

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