Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to fire safety, our Hercules carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are a top choice in Singapore. These extinguishers work by displacing oxygen, effectively smothering the fire. The discharged carbon dioxide also cools the area, making it particularly effective against Class B flammable liquid fires.

What sets our CO2 extinguisher apart is its clean discharge. By Singapore Standards 578’s definition, it is a clean agent that leaves no residue behind. This makes our fire extinguisher CO2 model an excellent choice for clean rooms, server rooms, or as training equipment for firefighters, ensuring minimal mess and no corrosion.

What Fires To Use CO2 Fire Extinguishers For

Our Hercules carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has been meticulously tested in laboratories and is capable of extinguishing Class B and E fires. 
Class B fires are flammable liquids such as paint, thinner, petrol, and the like. 
Class E fires, meanwhile, are electrical fires.*

* It’s important to note that the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) advises against directly using fire extinguishers on Class E fires due to the risk of immediate reignition. This is why the first step of eliminating a Class E fire is to turn off the source by shutting off the gas or electrical supply. If there is still a fire, the fire is likely to be a Class A or B fire which will be much easier to put out as compared to a Class C or E fire. This is also why Class E logos are no longer permitted on new fire extinguishers.

How To Use Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Before using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, ensure you have a safe escape route. 

If you have to use a fire extinguisher, do so at a safe distance. When in doubt, always choose to run. Even professional fire fighters in full fire resistant suits have been trained to never put their own lives at risk.

Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Pull 1. Pull the safety pin
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Aim 2. Aim at the base of the fire
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Squeeze 3. Squeeze the lever
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Sweep 4. Sweep from side to side

How To Do Maintenance For CO2 Fire Extinguishers

In accordance with the Singapore Fire Code, all non-personal use fire extinguishers must be maintained annually by a trained technician from a SCDF-registered workshop. You can schedule an appointment with us, Fire Armour, your trusted fire extinguisher supplier, to service your fire extinguishers.

Do Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers Expire

Fire extinguishers do not expire like food. Every 10 years, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are required to undergo a full pressure test. 

In theory, if the fire extinguisher were to undergo a full pressure test every 10 years and assuming it has been kept in a reasonably clean environment, it can last indefinitely.

As SCDF requires all fire extinguishers to be maintained annually, a one year expiry sticker is affixed to every fire extinguisher that we sell. When the date has lapsed, it does not mean that the fire extinguisher has to be disposed of. 

Instead, simply bring it in for fire extinguishers servicing and the expiry date can be extended. This rule does not affect fire extinguishers that are for personal use.

Why Choose Our CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Our CO2 extinguishers stand as a standard in fire safety. They are engineered with a unique dual-action mechanism that displaces oxygen and cools the fire simultaneously, making them highly effective against Class B fires. 

Moreover, their residue-free discharge is a standout feature, ensuring your environment remains clean, undamaged, and ready for immediate use after a fire incident. When you choose our CO2 fire extinguishers, you’re choosing an efficient and powerful solution to protect your property and those within it.

Certified Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Certification is a testament to quality and reliability, and our carbon dioxide fire extinguishers carry the seal of approval from the rigorous Singapore Standards 578. This certification is not just a paper; it’s a promise of our commitment to providing reliable and effective fire safety solutions. 

Our CO2 fire extinguishers signifies that our extinguishers have undergone stringent testing and have met or exceeded the high standards set for fire safety equipment. When you choose our certified carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, you’re placing your trust in a product that is recognised for its excellence and effectiveness in fire safety.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Installation

The installation of your fire extinguisher CO2 model is a critical step in your fire safety strategy. Proper installation not only maximises the effectiveness of your extinguisher but also ensures it operates as intended when you need it most. 

Our team of seasoned experts at Fire Armour will handle the installation process meticulously, ensuring your extinguisher is positioned correctly and ready for use. 

Our commitment to your safety doesn’t stop there. We offer comprehensive fire alarm maintenance services to ensure your entire fire safety system operates optimally. This holistic approach to fire safety provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Safety Precautions For Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Using a CO2 extinguisher safely is paramount. Always establish an escape route before using the extinguisher and operate it at a safe distance. Remember the PASS method for effective use. This technique ensures effective use of the extinguisher. 

To further enhance your fire safety, consider pairing your fire extinguisher with a high-quality fire hose and a top-notch fire alarm system. This comprehensive approach to fire safety ensures you’re well-equipped to handle a fire emergency.

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