ABS 2 KG / 5 KG Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

MED Wheel mark certified EN Tested

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MED Certificate: Module B | Module D

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The ABS Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is usually placed in clean rooms, server rooms and electrical rooms. As carbon dioxide fire extinguishers do not leave any residue after discharge, they are considered as clean. This makes them the perfect choice to use in rooms where expensive equipment are kept. Often, they are also used as training equipment to fight fires as no clean up is required after the practice session.

Rigorous testing ensure that the ABS Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher is suitable to the most hostile environments including onboard vessels, coastal installations, oil rigs and more.


What type of fire can I use this fire extinguisher for?

Meticulously tested in laboratories, the Hercules fire extinguisher is capable of eliminating:

Class-B-Fire Class B
Class B fires which are flammable liquids such as paint, thinner, petrol, etc.
Class-E-Fire Class E
Class E fires which are electrical fires but do not include lithium battery fires.*

*The first step of eliminating a Class C or E fire is to turn off the source by shutting off the gas or electrical supply. If there is still a fire, the fire is likely to be a class A or B fire which will be much easier to put out as compared to a C or E fire.


How to use a fire extinguisher?

Before you use a fire extinguisher, always ensure you have an escape route. If you have to use a fire extinguisher, do so at a safe distance. When in doubt, always choose to run. Even professional fire fighters in full fire resistant suits have been trained to never put their own lives at risk.

Always remember PASS. You can also read the instruction label on the fire extinguisher.

Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Pull 1. Pull the safety pin
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Aim 2. Aim at the base of the fire
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Squeeze 3. Squeeze the lever
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Sweep 4. Sweep side to side.



Extinguish Agent2 KG CO25 KG CO2
Test StandardEN3EN3
PropellantCarbon DioxideCarbon Dioxide
Discharge Distance3M3M
App Discharge Time8 Sec 14 Sec
Body Diameter105mm136 mm
Approx Total Weight6.5 KG15 KG
Operate Temp-30°C to 60°C-30°C to 60°C
Working Pressure51.7 Bar51.7 Bar
Test Pressure250 Bar250 Bar
Fire Rating34A113B

*Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.