Singapore Standard 575 Code of practice for fire hydrant, rising mains and hose reel systems.

Singapore standard 575 or SS 575 for short governs Code of practice the fire hydrant, rising mains and hose reel systems

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This is a very summarised version of the standard that is not word for word and many parts have been omitted out. We will not be responsible for any miscommunication and misunderstanding that have resulted from reading this page. The wording has been greatly simplified to make it easier for the layman to understand and to avoid copyright issues. This page is meant to educate new staff that will be responsible of fire fighting equipment in their premises.

These are the owner’s responsibility:

Fire Hydrants, Dry Riser Stacks and Hose Reels have to be maintained once a year by a competent person.
Source: SS575 11.1.1,,

If you need your Fire Hydrants, Dry Riser Stacks and Hose Reels to be maintained, kindly contact us

Useful information to be aware of:
The passing criteria for a fire hydrant in a building with the floor area of the largest compartment of the building no bigger than 1000m2 is:

38Liters/s AND 2 Bar Flowing pressure.

Fire hydrant testing equipment are available here

This is the configuration that Fire Armour and SCDF uses. It allows both flow rate and pressure be measured simultaneously.

Singapore fire-hydrant-testing configuration
Singapore fire hydrant testing configuration