Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Singapore

Singapore Standard 578 Requirements for fire extinguisher cabinets

Under Singapore Standards 578,

Cabinets, if permitted to house extinguishers, shall not be locked. Where extinguishers are subject to malicious use, locked cabinets may be used provided they include means of emergency access e.g. a glass-fronted box to house key to unlock fire extinguisher cabinet. Such key shall be located next to the cabinet or as part of the cabinet. The properties of the glass of the glass-fronted box shall be such that it is easily breakable and will shatter without the need to use any special tools. The cabinet shall be red in colour.

Cabinets MS

Plastic Cabinets

Stainless Steel Cabinet

Fibreglass Cabinet

Large variety of materials and size options

Fire Armour can supply a range of cabinets to house fire extinguishers as small as a Hercules 1KG Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher to as large as a Hercules 5KG Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher.

Additionally, a large variety of materials can be used to manufacture the extinguisher cabinets. Mild Steel cabinets provide a simple, cost effective solution to house fire extinguishers while stainless steel cabinets can even last a life time. Fibreglass cabinets provide a maximum protection against the harsh elements of the marine environment.

Keyless camlock Solutions

Frequently, keys are misplaced or hard to manage, which is why we also provide keyless camlock turn knobs.

Breakable plastic available

Moreover, an option to replace the viewing glass or break glass with breakable plastic is possible. Using our bare hands, breakable plastic is safer to break as compared to conventional glass. Glass, when broken, can easily cause cuts while broken plastic does not. This also reduces potential injuries when someone accidentally knocks into the fire extinguisher cabinet.

If a mobile solution is required, we also have a range of fire point trolleys.