FK 5112 Fire Suppression System

What is FK 5112?

FK 5112 is a next generation fire suppression gas. It is sold commercially by 3M under the brand name Novec 1230. At room temperature, it is a liquid but has a relatively low boiling point of 49°C. At the point of discharge, it is a gas.

Under NFPA, it is classified as a clean agent which does not leave residue or conduct electricity. This allows it to be used mainly in fire suppression systems for server rooms, critical infrastructures, clean rooms, banks and museums. It is most commonly used in total or partial flooding solutions.

Upon detection of a fire, the entire room or compartment is flooded by the gas which effectively puts out the fire.

What is FK 5112 ‘s effect on the environment?

FK 5112 does not affect the earth’s ozone layer. It has an Ozone Depletion Potential of 0 and a global warming potential of 1 over a hundred years. As such, it is seen as a superb alternative to traditional fire suppression gases such as HFC 227 / FM200 or Halon 1301.

Is FK 5112 safe for humans?

FK 5112 does not put out fires by displacing oxygen. A properly designed system will not cause asphyxiation. Direct contact with the gas will not irritate the skin but may cause mild eye irritation. It is considered as safe for use in occupied spaces.