Military Vehicle Fire Suppression System

We supply and maintain most of the Singapore’s tracked vehicles such as :

Peacekeeper PRV

SPF Fast Response Vehicles
Various escort vehicles

Due to national security concerns, if you are from the military or police force and require new fire suppression systems or maintenance of existing fire suppression systems, please contact us directly.

Due to the high possibility of these vehicles encountering firearms of explosives, most military vehicles have their own fire suppression systems to protect vulnerable engines or weak spots. These superior fire suppression systems can detect and quickly discharge their fire fighting agent onto early fires.

The fire suppression systems usually consist of a heat detector mechanism. Upon reaching a pre configured temperature, the systems will activate. The fire fighting agent can be dry powder, carbon dioxide, FM200 or novec 1230. We have ready stock and parts for these systems to maintain operational readiness.

Some of these systems are electronically linked to the vehicles control panel which is why a level of technical expertise is required to maintain these fire suppression systems. For over 20 years, FIre Armour has been maintaining the fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems of these military vehicles.