Fire Extinguisher Stand

Effectiveness of fire extinguisher stands

Fire extinguisher stands are useful in scenarios where it is not realistic to drill a wall bracket and hook the fire extinguisher to the wall. These can include partition walls that are not suitable for installing wall brackets as partition walls are hollow. If wall brackets are installed on a partition wall, it will become a safety hazard. In the event, anyone leans on the fire extinguisher, the partition wall will not be able to support the additional weight of the person. Subsequently, this will cause the partition wear to tear. Alternative, you may also be interested in the fire point trolley.

Permanent fire extinguisher stands

The stainless steel circular stands are present everywhere in Singapore shopping centers. Visible in Central Business District (CBD), Marina Bay Sands and Paragon, they are highly eye catching while being visually aesthetic. With a stainless steel finish, these sturdy fire extinguisher stands will endure the test of time and weather.

Temporary fire extinguisher stands

Alternatively, some people will choose to have a temporary stand instead. These can simply be placed on the floor without any installations and drilling of walls.