Fire Hoses

Fire Armour carries the world’s leading manufacturers of layflat covered fire hose. A comprehensive range of Type 1 and 3 fire hoses are available in diameters from 25 to 75 mm. The hoses vary from different manufacturers and covers a range of standards (UL, BS, EN, DIN, SOLAS)

From Germany
Syntex Unidur – Type 3 (DIN, MCA, LR, BS, EN, EC/MED Wheelmark Approved)
Syntex 500 – Type 1 (DIN, GL, EC/MED Wheelmark Approved)

From Spain
Armtex – Type 3 (FM/MCA Approved)

From Korea
Dong Hae – Type 1 (UL Approved)

From China
Standard Hose – Type 1
Hercules – Type 1 (GL Approved)
Zyfire – Type 1 (MED, GL Approved)
ABFIRE – Type 3

From India
Pyroprotect – Type 3 (LR Approved)