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Fire Extinguisher for kitchen fires

Hercules 2L Foam Fire Extinguisher

Buy for your home today Fire Armour is proud to announce our new product – The Hercules 2L Foam Fire Extinguisher Made for kitchen fires, for sale in Singapore now.

Can an air fryer catch fire?

When an air fryer has not been cleaned for a long time, it traps a lot of oil and animal fats. This unintended source of fuel will automatically ignite when …

How to use a fire extinguisher to fight fires

With our latest series of educational articles, it’s clear everyone is now well informed about how important fire extinguishers are in combatting fires – be it residential, commercial, or even …

About Us

Established in 1979, Fire Armour Pte Ltd is a home grown business and is the leading fire fighting equipment provider in Singapore. Fire Armour is also the pioneer for designing, installing, maintenance and recyling of Halon 1301 , FM200 , HFC227EA and FK 5112 fire suppression systems.

Today, Fire Armour Pte Ltd is the trusted partner for the supply and maintenance of fire fighting equipment for government bodies, blue chip companies, and many other firms.

We are proud to be part of the Singapore Standards discussion group in establishing the latest safety standards for fire extinguishers.