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Dec 23,2019
Implementation of Singapore Standards 578 2019 Service Labels

Fire Armour SCDF Singapore Standard 578 Implementation Letter : Download here

Aug 29,2019
Fire Armour has never sold any fire extinguishers made after 1 May 2013 bearing class C logo.

If you would like to know more about the recent SCDF letter regarding fire extinguishers bearing Class C logo, click here.

About us
Fire Armour is the leading Fire Fighting equipment provider in Singapore since it was established in 1979.

Back in the 1980s, Fire Armour was the pioneer in designing, installing, maintenance, and recycling Halon 1301 systems. In 1996 Fire Armour was one of the first companies to be trained in FM200 / HFC227EA systems.

Throughout the years Fire Armour has the largest Fire Extinguisher manufacturing factory in Singapore. Our factory employs a total of 50 employees.

Now, Fire Armour’s businesses are made up of an impressive range of fire fighting products, including supplying & maintenance of fire fighting equipment for the Singapore Government, Military (Land/Sea/Air), schools, and also in exporting Fire Fighting equipment.

Throughout the years, Fire Armour has achieved many levels of achievements, including:

EN3 Certification for Fire Extinguishers ISO 9001 Certification Being a registered Government Supplier in the supply category of 5 Million Singapore Dollars, this is the highest level of category in Singapore