Hercules Carbon Dioxide Refilling Machine

A low cost solution to refilling carbon dioxide fire extinguishers on board ships and land. All parts of the machine can individually be replaced by your local hardware shop.

This machine is a mandatory requirement for fire extinguisher workshops that intend to be licensed in Singapore

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The Hercules Carbon Dioxide refilling machine is a low cost solution to refilling carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. All parts can be easily replaced making it a long term affordable machine. This equipment is mandatory for fire extinguisher workshops intending to be licensed in Singapore. If you intend to buy this machine for use in Singapore, we can provide immediate repairs and assistance with our workshop.

The inlet and outlet connections can be customized for different types of carbon dioxide cylinders. The hoses that are used for the machine are capable of withstanding high pressures.

A large cylinder containing carbon dioxide is connected to the inlet of the machine while the outlet is connected to an empty carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. The operator will zero the weighing machine and start the machine to begin pumping carbon dioxide into the empty fire extinguisher. Upon reaching the desired capacity, the operator will stop the machine. The safety relief valve will automatically discharge carbon dioxide if overcharged. This adds an extra layer of safety to the process of refilling carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Carbon dioxide cylinder and weighing machine are to be purchased separately.



  • As with all industrial machines , operators must be well trained and familiar with the operation.
  • Before operating the machine, ensure that hose connections are secure and that there are no obvious signs of damage on the machine.
  • Training on the usage of the machine is provided.
  • When in doubt, contact us for assistance.



• High pressure pump is made in Germany
• Low RPM, high liquid flow CO2 piston pump
• Safe & Reliable.
• Safety relief set at 100 bars
• Italian spring pressure safety valve
• Simple and easy to operate
• Very compact, occupying only a small workshop area
• Parts are very easily replaceable Requirements



ModelHercules CO2 Refilling Machine
Motor 230V5042 1PH
Motor 415V5042 3PH
Flow Rate3-5KG / Min
Pressure Relief100 Bar

*Due to constant improvements, product dimensions may differ slightly.