Hercules Fire Extinguisher Dry Blower

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After performing hydrostatic testing of fire extinguishers, the
insides of the cylinder will be wet. If the cylinders are not dried
quickly, rust will set in very quickly.

The extinguisher blower can help to dry cylinders quickly
by blowing a large volume of air. Multiple cylinders can be
placed at the same time onto the extinguisher blower to
accomplish quick drying.

Each part – the blower motor, tubing and drying stand is easily
replaceable if damaged.

• Require for professional workshops maintaining fire extinguishers
• Used to dry fire fighting equipment.

Features • Capable of drying 6 cylinders at once.

*Due to constant improvements, product dimensions may differ slightly.

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MODELHercules Fire Extinguisher Dry Blower
Main Body DimensionsApprox 54.0” x 16” x 20”
Blower DimensionApprox 19” x 15” x 12.0”
MaterialMild Steel