Hercules 50KG ABC Trolley Stored Pressure

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The Hercules 50KG ABC trolley is the best multipurpose fire extinguisher. Capable of fighting all common classes of fire, it is often seen in industrial areas. Certified in Singapore laboratories, it will comply to SCDF regulations. It will meet SCDF requirements for temporary areas that require a 50KG Dry powder trolley fire extinguisher.


What type of fire can I use this fire extinguisher for?

Meticulously tested in laboratories, the Hercules 50KG ABC Stored Pressure Trolley is capable of eliminating:

Class-A-Fire Class A 
Class A fires which are combustible materials such as wood, tires, furniture, plastics, etc.
Class-B-Fire Class B
Class B fires which are flammable liquids such as paint, thinner, petrol, etc.
Class-C-Fire Class C
Class C fires which are flammable gases such as LPG.*
Class-E-Fire Class E
Class E fires which are electrical fires but do not include lithium battery fires.*


How to use a fire extinguisher?

Before you use a fire extinguisher, always ensure you have an escape route. If you have to use a fire extinguisher, do so at a safe distance. When in doubt, always choose to run. Even professional fire fighters in full fire resistant suits have been trained to never put their own lives at risk. Ensure that the fire extinguisher is located to the work area and operators are trained in the use of fire extinguishers.

1. Pull the safety pin
2. Turn the lever.
3. Aim at the base of fire.
4. Squeeze the lever


SCDF Regulations for 50KG Powder Trolley fire extinguishers

The following events will require the use of 50KG Dry Powder Trolley fire extinguishers

  • Enclosed temporary structures
  • Enclosed multi storey temporary structures
  • Hoardings errected within building as indicated on SCDF website.
    Within the hoarded area(s), 50kg fire extinguisher(s) in trolley shall be provided near the hoarding exit access door. Each fire extinguisher shall not cover more than 20m
  • Purpose group VIII – Premises/areas/spaces/floors used for the purposes of storing, depositing or parking of goods, materials and/or vehicles, such as cold room, godown, store, vehicle park or warehouse
    Additional mobile type 50kg ABC (foam or chemical powder) fire extinguishers having minimum 6m throw and discharge hose length of minimum 6m shall be provided to cover the loading and unloading area for K2, K3 and K4 compartment under hazard grade 2, 3 & 4. The access from any remote point of the loading/unloading area (including the parking lots area) to the 50kg fire extinguishers shall not be more than 15m.For K1 compartment size, mobile type 50kg fire extinguisher shall only be required when the overall hazmat storage area is more than 100m2.



Agent50KG ABC
Test standardEN1866
Discharge Time≥ 35 SEC
Throw Distance≥ 10M
Approx Total Weight82.0KG
Operate Temperature-30°C +60°C
Working Pressure15 BAR
Test Pressure30 BAR
Fire RatingA IIB
Part NoFEM-FA-D50

*Due to constant improvements, product specification may differ slightly.