Hercules BCF 1211 Trolley

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Effective against class A fires involving ordinary combustible materials like wood, paper, cloth, furning, plastics, rubber, etc, usually of an organic nature, in which combustion normally takes places with the formation of glowing embers.

Effective against class B fires involving flammable liquids, solvents, oils, paints, thinner and liquifieable solids.

Instructions for use
1. Read instructions before using to ensure that you have selected the correct fire extinguisher for the fire you intend to fight.
2. Unroll hose.
3. Pull safety pin and turn on valve.
4. Aim at fire and squeeze handle

Ensure that extinguisher is located close to the work area and operators are trained in the use of extinguishers.

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Extinguishing AgentBCF 1211BCF 1211
Discharge Time≥ 18 Sec≥ 18 Sec
Depth 435MM435MM
Approx Total Weight52.0KG82.0KG
Operate Temperature-30°C - +60°C-30°C - +60°C

*Due to constant improvements, product specification may differ slightly.