The Importance of Fire Hose Reel Installations in Workplaces

Fire incidents can occur unexpectedly, transforming an ordinary workday into a disaster. In these critical moments, the availability of a fire hose reel can make a monumental difference in whether an incident remains minor or escalates into a catastrophic event.

This blog aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for business owners in Singapore. We will provide insights into the importance of fire hose reel installations and proper compliance with Singapore’s fire safety standards. 

By delving into these topics, we aim to provide business owners with valuable knowledge on the importance and effective use of fire hose reels for workplace safety.

What is a Fire Hose Reel System?

Before getting into the specifics, it’s important to understand what a fire hose reel system is. This system is a first response fire fighting equipment. It consists of a low-pressure hose that is connected to a water supply. The hose can be easily unrolled and directed at a fire, providing a controlled stream of water to extinguish a potential Class A fire risk. Installing a fire hose reel system in workplaces is crucial as it is the first defence against fires, safeguarding personnel and property.

Installation Standards for Fire Hose Reels in Singapore Workplaces

Installing fire hose reels in workplaces is not just a fire safety measure but also a legal requirement. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) mandates that all fire hose reel systems installed adhere to the SS 575 code of practice to ensure effective workplace safety. This includes but is not limited to:

1. Installation of Fire Hose Reels in Accessible Locations

According to the SCDF regulations, it is mandatory to have fire hose reels installed in conspicuous and conveniently reachable areas. This includes every level of an office building, emphasising proximity to exit points or along evacuation routes. Fire hose reels should be situated within a 5-metre radius of an exit door but not inside exit staircases. 

Furthermore, It is crucial to position fire hose reels strategically so that no point within the premises is more than 36 metres from the nearest hose reel. This ensures that a fire hose is always within a quick and manageable distance in the event of a fire. 

2. Proper Signage

The SCDF mandates clear, illuminated signage indicating the location of the fire hose reel. Following the SS 508 standard, graphical symbols for fire safety equipment should meet specific size requirements based on viewing distance. For instance, a symbol should be at least 60mm for up to 6 metres viewing distance and at least 150mm for distances of 12 metres or more. This ensures clear visibility and immediate recognition during a fire emergency.

3. Accurate Fire Hose Size

Singapore’s fire safety regulations specify that the fire hose should have a nominal diameter of 25mm. While the length of the fire hose, when fully extended, should reach 30 metres. This ensures that the hose can reach all areas of the premises during a fire emergency while maintaining manageability.

Additionally, the hose should be equipped with a shut-off valve and a nozzle that measures either 4mm or 6mm in diameter. These specific nozzle sizes are designed to provide a controlled and effective water flow for extinguishing fires. 

4. Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining fire hose reels is crucial to ensure proper functioning during emergencies. The SCDF requires that fire hose reels be inspected by a qualified fire protection service provider at least once yearly or when necessary. The inspection includes checking the hose’s condition, the valve’s operation, and the water supply’s adequacy.

Understanding the Appropriate Use of Fire Hoses in the Workplace

Understanding the types of fires that a fire hose can effectively combat is crucial. For instance, consider a scenario where a fire breaks out in an office due to an electrical fault, causing paper, wood, and other common office materials to ignite. 

By adhering to the guidelines above and properly installing a fire hose reel, individuals can readily access the fire hose within the building to combat these Class A fires. When utilised appropriately, the fire hose effectively cools down the burning material below its ignition temperature and thoroughly saturates the materials, preventing re-ignition.

However, it’s important to note that a fire hose should not be used on any other type of fire (Class B, C, D, E, and F), as this may cause the fire to spread further or result in a violent reaction. 

To ensure comprehensive fire safety, it is also required for building owners to buy fire extinguishers capable of handling these other fire classes, effectively complementing the fire hose reels’ capabilities.

The Consequences of Neglecting Fire Hose Reel Installation in Workplaces

The failure to install fire hose reels in workplaces can lead to dire consequences. These devices are crucial in controlling fires at their early stages, and their absence can allow a minor fire to escalate into a major disaster, leading to extensive property damage and potential harm to employees. 

Furthermore, non-compliance with Singapore’s fire safety regulations, which mandate the installation of fire hose reels, can result in substantial fines and legal penalties. This action is not just a matter of compliance but a fundamental commitment to a business’s safety, security, and sustainability.

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