Hercules 6L Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Hercules Wet Chemical Fire extinguisher is the premium #1 fire extinguisher for commercial kitchens in Singapore. It is capable of eliminating Class A and Class F.

Singapore Fire Code 6L Kitchen Fire Extinguisher BSI Kite Mark 6L Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

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This fire extinguisher has passed the 35kV Di-electrical test. It is safe for use on live electrical equipment of up to 1000V at a distance of 1meter. However, it is still possible to be electrocuted from the foam on the floor that is in contact with live electric current. Hence, it is always important to turn off all sources of electricity.

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Hercules wet chemical fire extinguisher uses liquid potassium phosphate to put out grease fires. Liquid potassium phosphate is used to extinguish grease and cooking oil fires. On contact with the oil, the liquid turns into foam, preventing oxygen from reaching the fire and cooling the area. This agent is safe to use and does not affect kitchen stainless steel surfaces. Equipped with a lance, the operator is able to combat the fire safely from a distance.

Where can I use this fire extinguisher?

Hercules wet chemical fire extinguisher caters for the needs of both small and large kitchens—from small businesses to large commercial and industrial kitchens such as those in hotels, restaurants, and public institutions.


What type of fire can I use this fire extinguisher for?

Class A Fire Class A 
Combustible fires such as wood, newspaper, books, tyres, plastics, etc.
Class B Fire Class B
Flammable liquids such as small amounts of paint and cooking oil.
Class C Fire Class C
Gas fires from your cooking gas. Note: Turn off the gas before fighting fire*
Class E Fires Class E
Electric fires. Note: Turn off the electricity before fighting fire*
Class-F-Fire Class F
Kitchen Fires involving cooking oil

*A key point to note is that SCDF is educating the public on NOT to directly using fire extinguishers on class E fires. E fires will reignite almost immediately as heat is still being generated. This is why the first step of eliminating a Class E fire is to turn off the source by shutting off the electrical supply. If there is still a fire, the fire is likely to be a class A or B fire which will be much easier to put out as compared to a E fire. This is also why class E logos are no longer permitted on new fire extinguishers.


How to use a fire extinguisher?

Before you use a fire extinguisher, always ensure you have an escape route. If you have to use a fire extinguisher, do so at a safe distance. When in doubt, always choose to run. Even professional fire fighters in full fire resistant suits have been trained to never put their own lives at risk.

Always remember PASS. You can also read the instruction label on the fire extinguisher.

Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Pull 1. Pull the safety pin
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Aim 2. Aim at the base of the fire
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Squeeze 3. Squeeze the lever
Fire-Extinguisher-Pass-Sweep 4. Sweep side to side


How do I maintain a fire extinguisher?

According to the Singapore Fire Code, all non-personal use fire extinguishers must be maintained annually by a trained technician of a workshop registered with SCDF. You are able to make an appointment with Fire Armour to service your fire extinguishers.


Does this fire extinguisher expire?

Fire extinguishers do not expire like food. Every 5 years, fire extinguishers are to undergo a full pressure test. In theory, if the fire extinguisher were to undergo a full pressure test every 5 years and assuming it has been kept in a reasonably clean environment, it can last indefinitely. However, this is rare in reality as it is simply more economical to purchase a new piece every 5 years.

As SCDF requires all fire extinguishers to be maintained annually, a one year expiry sticker is affixed to every fire extinguisher that we sell. When the date has lapsed, it does not mean that the fire extinguisher has to be disposed. Instead, simply bring it to us here to service your fire extinguishers and the expiry date can be extended. This rule does not affect fire extinguisher that are for personal use.



ModelFT01-06A (Rev 4)-00
Body Diameter160MM
App Total Weight10.16KG
Operating Temp5°C to 60°C
Working Pressure15 Bar
Test Pressure27 Bar
Fire Rating13A : 75F

Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.