Portable Fire Extinguishers for Class C Fires

Dear Fire Safety Managers (FSM), you may have received the following email notification from SCDF regarding Portable Fire Extinguishers for Class C Fires:

SCDF Regulation Regarding Class C Logo

The letter can be summarized as follows

  1. Class C refers to gas fires. There is no recognized classification for electrical fires under Singapore Standards 578:2019 clause 4(f).
  2. Fire extinguishers made after 1 MAY 2013 must not bear class C logo/picture
  3. Fire extinguisher made before 1 MAY 2013 bearing class C logo/picture do not have to be replaced until there is a new submission for fire plans to SCDF. For example, the building is undergoing renovations which will require fire plans to be submitted to SCDF.
  4. In the letter, there is a mention of certificate of conformity(COC) and renewal in point 6, this COC refers to the certificate that the certification board issues to manufacturers which certifies that their fire extinguishers have been tested to Singapore standards. The certificate of conformity and renewal does not refer to the annual servicing of fire extinguishers.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Has Fire Armour ever sold any fire extinguisher bearing class C logo/pictures after 1 May 2013?Answer: Fire Armour has never sold any fire extinguisher bearing class C
    logo/picture after 1 May 2013
  2. The letter from SCDF mentions “Given the above, SCDF does not want to convey the impression that extinguishment using portable FEs is a safe way to fight Class C fires.” Does this mean it is compulsory to replace the fire extinguishers?Answer: For best practices, we recommend to replace fire extinguishers bearing class C logo/pictures made before 1 May 2013 with the latest fire extinguishers that do not bear class C logo/pictures.
  3. What should I do if our fire extinguisher were made after 1 May 2013 and bear class C logo/pictures?Answer: Contact the manufacturer.
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