Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Following SCDF fire code, 7.1.13 Exhaust system for kitchen

(b)(2)(e) The exhaust hood shall be fitted with a wet chemical fire extinguishing system.

Our WCK automatic fire detection and suppression system caters for the needs of both small and large kitchens—from small businesses to large commercial and industrial kitchens such as those in hotels, restaurants, and public institutions. Custom designing, modelling, testing, and manufacturing of fire suppression systems to meet customers’ diverse requirements all under one roof.

Efficient Fire Suppression and Prevention
Liquid potassium phosphate is used to extinguish grease and cooking oil fires. On contact with the oil, the liquid turns into foam, preventing oxygen from reaching the fire and cooling the area.

This agent is safe to use and does not affect kitchen stainless steel surfaces. The system distributes the extinguishing agent over all protected areas, while simultaneously interrupting the supply of gas or electricity to the area of the fire. The system can be operated manually or automatically.

WCK Systems is offered in various sizes – 6L, 9L, 16L, 20L and 26L with chaining capability – unlimited flow points.

Features and Benefits
Fast detection – Quickly detects fires to minimize damage and injuries
Safe – Low acid level in the fire suppressant agent doesn’t damage stainless steel surfaces
Dual action – Simultaneously extinguishes the fire while interrupting the energy supply
Comprehensive protection – The system protects the chimney, fume hood, and cooking areas
Cost effective – WCK system offers effective protection coupled with affordable pricing
Environmentally friendly – The water-based agents are not harmful to the environment

Tried and Tested
The WCK kitchen fire suppression systems are UL 300 listed and CE marked. Fire Armour has also listed the WCK kitchen fire suppression system with SETSCO for local use. The systems designed to meet NFPA 17A and NFPA 96 requirements. 

Our Completed Projects