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Welcome to the HERCULES product onboarding

On this page, you will find directions to register your product warranty online, how to effectively use your products, where to place your products, and how to take care of them.

Step 1: Register your warranty here

Step 2: Learn how to use your products effectively.

Step 3: Learn where to place your products so that they are accessible in times of need.

Step 4: Taking care of your products so they can take care of you.

Finally, share your knowledge and purchase with the people you love!

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This page is intended to be a quick and easy resource for residential users, you can always return to this page by bookmarking the URL here, or by scanning the Registration QR code that comes with the box. If this information is useful to you, help us by liking our Facebook page and leaving a comment! If you have any support questions, you can always find us here.

STEP 1: Online registration

STEP 2: Learn how to use your products!

STEP 3: Learn where to place your products!

STEP 4: Learn how to take care of your products!

STEP 4: Share your purchase with your friends and family!