Water Jel Fire Blanket

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Size DimensionIMPAPart No
Small36” x 30” , 91cmx76cm330954DSI-0037
Medium72.0” x 60” , 182cm x 152cm330955DSI-0038
Large96” x 72.0” , 243cm x 182cm330956DSI-0039
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In a burn emergency, every second is critical. By saving precious time, you could be saving a life. Water-Jel Fire
Blankets are 100% worsted wool, with an intercellular weave capable of absorbing up to 13 times it own weight of the scientifically formulated cooling gel in which it is soaked. This biodegradable, bacteriostatic and water-soluble gel immediately upon contact, begins to extinguish the flame, cool the burn and help stop burn progression and pain. It stabilizes the patient and helps prepare for transport to a burn
center or ER.

• These blankets are vital in areas where high heat flames, arc flash, hot liquid, steam or chemicals exist.
• Blankets can also be used to put out fires and protect a rescuer from heat and flames.
• Medical devices – Contain no drugs or other active ingredients
• Used by EMS, Firefighters, Utility companies, Industrial Institutions and the military around the world.

Because of its medical gel nature, the fire blanket has an expiry date.

Instructions for use
1. Lay burn victim on ground.
2. Do not remove clothing.
3. Cover burn injured area with blanket.

For protection against heat & flames
Hold blanket as screen between you and flames, or wrap around entire body. May also be used to cover material to be protected from heat or approaching fire.

For extinguishinsh small fires
Carefully place blanket over source of flame. In the event of electrical fire, turn off power source prior to using this product.