Hose Reel Nozzles (Metal)

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Chrome Copper Alloy
Comes in 20/25mm in Jet/Spray or Spray only

* Due to constant improvements, product specification may differ slightly.

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MaterialSizeModePart No
Chrome25mm Jet OnlyHRA-CS-JET
Chrome with lever20mmJet / SprayHRA-CS-JET20
Chrome with lever25mm Jet / SprayHRA-CS-JET25
Chrome Star Shaft25mm Jet / SprayHRA-EE-JET25
Chrome with teflon tip20mmJet / SprayHRA-NA-JET20-01
Chome shaft20mmJet OnlyHRA-NB-JET20-01
Chome20mmJet OnlyHRA-NB-JET20-02
Chome shaft25mm Jet OnlyHRA-NB-JET25-01
Chome25mm Jet OnlyHRA-NB-JET25-02