Hercules Water Fog Applicator

The water fog applicator is attached to a water hose with a proper connection. It allows the fire fighter to safely fight fires from a distance. It also allows the fire fighter to fight fires that are hard to reach.

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The water fog applicator is commonly seen attached to a fire hose with the proper connection. Very often, they can be found in marine vessels. When water is discharged through the applicator, a fog of water protects the operator. This protects the operator from heat. The length of the applicator allows the fire fighter to fight from a distance. We can customize the water fog applicator to different lengths and connection types to fit the marine fire hose.

Under International maritime organisation (IMO), the requirements for a water fog applicator are:

A water fog applicator may consist of a metal L-shaped pipe, the long limb being approximately 2 m in length and capable of being fitted to a fire hose, and the short limb being approximately 250 mm in length and fitted with a fixed water fog nozzle or capable of being fitted with a water spray nozzle.


• Stainless Steel Construction
• PVC insulator Handle
• Ball valve control lever
• Can be customized to any coupling connections such as
Instantaneus BS 336, Nakajima, Machino, Storz, French, Italian
UNI, etc.



IMPAConnection Type
330753Applicator BSP Male Thread, 50A x 1200mm
330754Applicator BSP Male Thread, 50A x 1800mm
330755Applicator Storz 50A x 1200mm
330756Applicator Storz 50A x 1800mm
330757Applicator Storz 65A x 1200mm
330758Applicator Storz 65A x 1800mm
330759Applicator Storz 75A x 1200mm
330760Applicator Storz 75A x 1800mm
330761Applicator ANSI PIN 40A x 1200mm
330762Applicator ANSI PIN 40A x 1800mm
330763Applicator ANSI PIN 40A x 3600mm
330767Applicator ANSI PIN 65A x 1200mm
330768Applicator ANSI PIN 65A x 1800mm
330769Applicator ANSI PIN 65A x 3600mm
330771Applicator Machino 40A x 1200mm
330772Applicator Machino 40A x 1800mm
330773Applicator Machino 40A x 3600mm
330774Applicator Machino 50A x 1200mm
330775Applicator Machino 50A x 1800mm
330776Applicator Machino 50A x 3600mm
330777Applicator Machino 65A x 1200mm
330778Applicator Machino 65A x 1800mm
330779Applicator Machino 65A x 3600mm
330815Applicator Nakajima 40A x 1200mm
330816Applicator Nakajima 40A x 1800mm
330817Applicator Nakajima 40A x 3600mm
330818Applicator Nakajima 65A x 1200mm
330819Applicator Nakajima 65A x 1800mm
330820Applicator Nakajima 65A x 3600mm
330894Applicator Nakajima 50A x 1200mm
330895Applicator Nakajima 50A x 1800mm
330896Applicator Nakajima 50A x 3600mm