Hercules FK 5112 Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

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FK 5112 is an ozone friendly alternative to traditional halon extinguishers. Being a clean agent, it will not leave any residue upon discharge, making it quick and easy to perform any clean up.

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Traditionally, FK 5112 is used for total flooding solutions. It is designed to fully discharged into an enclosed room when there is a fire. For small enclosed spaces, it is also possible to replicate a similar effect. The nozzle is inserted into the the enclosure and fully discharged. The advantage is that it is possible to have a mobile fire suppression system which is cheaper to maintain and has less expensive initial costs. The downside is that it loses the automatic fire detection that the fire suppression system would usually have. This would require a human operator to manually watch for fires and operate.

Fire Suppression System Traditional Set Up

In a traditional set up, you would need many cylinders of gas to completely flood the room. Upon discharge, every cylinder would have to be refilled.

Fire Suppression System For small compartments

When the same room has been compartmentalized, it is possible to use a smaller fire extinguisher


Extinguishing AgentFK 5112FK 5112FK 5112
Body Diameter138MM185MM190MM
Total Height447MM540MM590MM
Approx Total Weight6.6KG13.4KG16.6KG
Operating Temperature-30°C to 60°C-30°C to 60°C-30°C to 60°C
Test Pressure30 BAR30 BAR30 BAR

Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.