Hercules Child Safe Fire Extinguisher Steel Cabinet

Designed based on customer feedback, Fire Armour has created the very first ever Mild Steel Cabinet that is child safe. Constructed with electro galvanized mild steel, it is made to protect both the fire extinguisher and children from getting hurt.

Fully compliant to Singapore Standards 578 for portable fire extinguishers, the cabinet comes with a keyless turn lock. The keyless system is a simple but effective solution to stop key theft and management.

The transparent panel is made of tough plastic rather than the usual breakable glass. Glass has traditionally been a serious safety issue for playful children. With plastic, there is no danger of children being cut while the visibility of the fire extinguisher is maintained.

All 8 corners of the cabinet have been smoothened to a round finish. This even includes the bottom base of the cabinet. The door itself is recessed to prevent any possibility of hooking onto loose cloth.

Suitable for the Hercules 1 2 3 KG Dry Powder Fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers that are up to the height of 410mm.

This cabinet is recommended for schools, child care centers or areas expecting high volume of people.

* Due to constant improvements, product specification may differ slightly.

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