Hercules 9L Foam Fire Extinguisher

Class-B-Fire Flammable Liquids

This fire extinguisher has passed the 35kV Di-electrical test. It is safe for use on live electrical equipment of up to 1000V at a distance of 1meter. However, it is still possible to be electrocuted from the foam on the floor that is in contact with live electric current. Hence, it is always important to turn off all sources of electricity.

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Benefits: Cheap, Efficient, Multipurpose

AFFF is a type of Fire fighting foam used for fire suppression. Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the combustion.

Effective against class A fires involving ordinary combustible materials like wood, paper, cloth, furning, plastics, rubber, etc, usually of an organic nature, in which combustion normally takes places with the formation of glowing embers.

Effective against class B fires involving flammable liquids, solvents, oils, paints, thinner and liquifieable solids.


ModelFT01-09A-00 CE1
Body Diameter185MM
App Total Weight13.9KG
Operating Temp5°C to 60°C
Working Pressure15 Bar
Test Pressure25 Bar
Fire Rating21A : 233B
Packing Dimension200x195x620 (1 per box)

Due to constant improvements, product specifications may differ slightly.