Deltafire Branch Pipe Stainless Steel

The Deltafire branch pipe is made with superior stainless steel that greatly resists rust. A handle allows for ergonomic grip to easily aim at fires.

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The Delta HV-Series of Foam Branchpipes have been designed for use with all foam types including Fluoroproteins, AFFF’s, FFFP’s and All Purpose Alcohol Resistant foams. Designed to first expand and then accelerate the foam to high velocity the HV-Series is capable of long throws beyond the range of many older designs. Standard MODELs are designed for use in conjunction with Delta’s Z-Series Variable Foam Inductors and SelfInducing MODELs with quick-release pick-up sticks are also available for foam induction direct from the drum.

The HV-Series has a light alloy body, powder coated inside and out for resistance to corrosion. Finished in epoxy polyester International Orange or Hi-Viz Yellow the HV-Series can be supplied with a wide range of International inlet adaptors for compatibility to existing hoselines.

A fully Marinised S-Series version is also available, manufactured with a 316 stainless steel body for use in extreme offshore environments where regular contact with salt water and saline atmospheres is expected.



•Branchpipe designed to first expand the foam & then accelerate it to high velocity, producing long throws.
• Light alloy body that is internally & externally coated
• Epoxy polyester finish
• Light alloy nozzle
• Highly customizable to different size / type of connections



ModelFlow at 5 BarFlow at 7 BarRange at 7 BarFoam ExpansionLengthWeight