Bio Polyfilm 9 FFFP Alcohol Resistant 3×6

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POLYFILM foam concentrate has specificities that make it possible to effectively put out hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires:

• The film generating property FFFP (Film Forming FluoroProtein) gives the POLYFILM foaming agent an excellent extinguishing speed on hydrocarbon fires using direct application, i.e. when directly applied to the surface of the burning liquid to fight the fire from a correct distance avoiding their exposure to intense heat.

• The multi-purpose (Alcohol Resistant) property consist in forming a protective coating film on the surface of all types of inflammable liquids (polar solvents) in order to smother the fire by depriving it of oxygen (the fire blanket principle). This film also provides excellent resistance to re-ignition.

• Effective in Low and Medium Expansion.
• Applicable on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.
• Applicable on polar solvent fires such as alcohol, ketones, ethers, etc.
• Compatible with all equipment available on the market and with all dosage systems (contains corrosion inhibitors).
• Can be used in mobile and fixed fire fighting systems (sprinklers, High Expansion generators, fire hose stations, etc.).

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NameBio Polyfilm 9 / FFFP AR
Concentration3 / 6%
Low Expansion7 / 8
Drainage Time5 / 12Min
Medium Expansion30 / 60
Appearance Brown gel
Specifi c Gravity at 20°C1.05±0.02KG/DM3
pH at 20°C 7.0±1.0
Viscoscity at 20°C 1000mPa.s
Viscoscity at 0°C 1300mPa.s
Sediments< 0.25%
Surface Tension19 ± 2 mN / m
Interfacial Tension 2 ± 1mN / m
Freezing Point -18°C
Temperature of Use -10°C to 50°C
Approvals EN1568-3-4 Oil Industry: GESIP BUREAU VERITAS
PART NO (20L) FO-BIO-FFFP36-B , IMPA 331091
PART NO (200L) FO-BIO-FFFP36-D , IMPA 331092