Bio Ex Ecopol Fluorine Free Alcohol Resistant 3×3

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Environment-friendly, ECOPOL is the real alternative to traditionals foam concentrates. This synthetic
FFF (Fluorocompound-Free Foam) AR foam concentrate, of new generation, is based on the combination of hydrophilic natural polymers and surfactants resistant to contamination. ECOPOL is pseudoplastic : its viscosity decreases when it is agitated. This property authorizes its use even at low temperature and low pressure.

Foaming power : ECOPOL is usable at Low, Medium and High
Expansion. The foaming base of ECOPOL is exclusively made from copra fatty acids, a natural regrowing resource.

Fuel fires : ECOPOL is efficient on hydrocarbon fires and polar solvents fires. ECOPOL is approved as a 3X3 and a 3X6, enabling to select the concentration of use at 3% or 6% depending on the proportioning system choosen. ECOPOL has been successfully tested on numerous fires, such as acetone, methanol, isopropanol, THF, diethylether, toluene,
ethylacetate… ECOPOL can keep its water for a very long period. This outstanding property makes it highly efficient on polar solvents fires.

Environment : ECOPOL is totally biodegradable and totally fluorine free.

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Concentration3% x 3%
Low Expansion8 / 9
Drainage Time 25%15 Min / 30 Min
Medium Expansion60 / 130
AppearanceGreen Gel
Specific Gravity at 20°C1.06±0.02KG/DM3
pH at 20°C7.0±1.0
Viscoscity at 20°C1300 mPa.s
Viscoscity at -10°C1600 mPa.s
Sediments< 0.1%
Surface Tension at 3%25 ± 2 mN / m
Freezing Point-16°C
Temperature of Use-10°C to 50°C
ApprovalsEN1568-1,2,3,4 , Oil Industry :
Lastfire Certificate, BUREAU VERITAS
PART NO (200L)
PART NO (1000L)