Bio Ex Bio Foam 5 High Expansion

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BIO FOAM foam concentrates have been designed to generate
High expansion firefighting foam and to put out hydrocarbon fires. Depending on the equipment used BIO FOAM can also generate Low and Medium expansion firefighting foam. They are recommended for use where large volumes of finished foam are required, such as aircraft hangers, ships holds, car parks etc.

• Effective with Low, Medium and High Expansion
• Applicable on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel oil,
petrol, kerosene, etc.
• Compatible with all dosage systems (contains corrosion
• Can be used in mobile and fixed fire fighting systems (foam
box, High Expansion generators, fire hose stations, etc.

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NameBiofoam 5
ModelBiofoam 5 High Expansion
Concentration3 / 6%
Low Expansion13 / 14
Drainage Time9 / 11 Minutes
Medium Expansion110 / 190
High Expansion700 / 900
Appearance Yellow Liquid
Specifi c Gravity at 20°C1.02±0.02KG/DM3
pH at 20°C 7.0±1.0
Viscoscity at 20°C 5cStrokes
Viscoscity at 0°C 9cStrokes
Surface Tension26 ± 2 mN / m
Interfacial Tension -
Freezing Point -5°C
Temperature of Use 0°C to 50°C
Approvals EN1568-2, High expansion APSAD R12, BUREAU VERITA
PART NO (20L) FO-BIO-F5-B IMPA 333993
PART NO (200L) FO-BIO-F5-D IMPA 333994

*Due to constant improvements, product specification may differ slightly.