Can an air fryer catch fire?

When an air fryer has not been cleaned for a long time, it traps a lot of oil and animal fats. This unintended source of fuel will automatically ignite when the air fryer is working. Damaged wiring and temperature sensors can also cause the air fryer to overheat and catch fire. The final reason is due to the manufacturer’s poor design.

Poor maintenance

It is difficult to clean most air fryers but it is something that has to be done after each cooking session. Before purchasing the air fryer, ensure that it is easy to reach trapped or residue oil and food. Ask the salesman to demonstrate the cleaning process before making a purchase.

Wear and tear

No electrical appliance can last forever, Wires and electrical plugs will fail over time. If you see a worn out wire, it must be replaced immediately without fail. Worn parts are the usual cause of fire but an air fryer is especially susceptible as it has heating elements that may malfunction. Whenever you suspect that the air fryer is not working as intended, it is strongly recommended to stop using the air fryer and consult the manufacturer immediately.

Manufacturer’s poor design

Air fryers are considered a relatively new technology. Philips introduced the air fryer in 2010 at a fair. Since then, the design has been improved upon to reduce the risk of fire. Where possible, it is strongly recommended to purchase the latest model of an air fryer that is available rather than a dated model.

Air fryer product recalls are still very common.

In October 2022, the US consumer product safety commission issued a product recall for the Newair magic chef air fryer due to a potential fire hazard from overheating. Like wise, in April 2022, a product recall was also issued for the Best Buy Insignia air fryer.

How to put out an air fryer fire?

Air fryer fires are considered as kitchen fires as Class F due to the presence of cooking oil and animal fats. It may also be possible to put out the fire with a standard Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher if there is not much oil. Best practices would be to use the Hercules 2L foam fire extinguisher which will also allow for easier clean up after the fire is put out.

Before attempting to fight the electrical fire, do not forget to switch off the electricity. Failure to do so may cause the fire to reignite. Follow this guide to learn how to use a fire extinguisher to fight fires.

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