4 fire fighting trends of Interschutz 2022

Interschutz is one of the biggest fire fighting exhibitions in the world. Fire Armour is happy to be back and we bring you the 4 trends of Interschutz straight from the city of Hanover!

interschutz 2022 exhibit entrace

The last Interschutz was held 7 years ago and many things have changed since then! We see a strong trend towards the digitisation of fire fighting services through a blend of software and hardware solutions. We also see a renewed focus on virtual reality based trainings. And of course, fighting battery fires was a hot topic!

1. Strong focus on battery fires

There is an increase in battery related fire fighting solutions in the market. We observe a wide variety, ranging from portable fire extinguishers to modified containers for submerging electric vehicles.

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2. Start-ups focusing on control center solutions!

The pandemic has accelerated the need for digital solutions, even for the fire brigade! We see many start-ups combining fleet management with ticketing solutions. This enables fire brigades to have a bird’s eye view on their resources, as well as tracking which areas require immediate attention.

euro command command center  trends of interschutz
One of many command center solutions. Integrated with drones.

Control center solutions include the use of drones to observe the situation, such as where the fires are most intense and likely to spread. Such drones are equipped with sophisticated infrared cameras to allow firefighters to target hot spots effectively.

drones with IR cameras trends of interschutz
Showcasing drones with IR cameras.

3. Virtual reality enabled training

We understand from exhibitors that virtual reality (VR) based training has existed about 10 years ago, but it only took off in recent years as fire brigades are recognising the advantages of such systems.

Exhibitors stress that VR based training serves to complement, and not substitute, current training methods.

vr training trends of interschutz
A VR training scenario simulator.

Advantages of VR based training are numerous:

  1. The ability to create scenarios means that firefighters are not bound by physical limits of their training facilities.
  2. Increased exposure to different scenarios means that firefighters are better prepared for alternate events.
  3. Simulation of events with tech enabled fire fighting equipment increases familiarisation of equipment and its capabilities.
vr training demo trends of interschutz
A person trying a fire fighting VR simulator

4. Personal Protective Equipment – FMCG’ed!

The traditional way of selling personal protective equipment (PPE) was done through technical specifications. We are seeing some exhibitors experimenting with modern retail techniques such as the use of branding, customer journey, and store experience to up their game!

personal protection equipment exhibitor trends of interschutz


What do you think about Interschutz 2022? Comment below and share with us your experience!

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